Holly's PAWS stocks both Bravo  & Raw Advantage. We can provide your pet with the best poultry and meats.
    Holly's PAWS stocks healthy treats and bones!

    Bravo Blends

    chicken, turkey, lamb, beef and pork mixes combine ground meaty bones, organ meats, and fresh, pulped vegetables. We also offer a wide variety of whole and ground bone products.

  • All Organic Ingredients
    Pesticide Free
    No Added Preservatives
    Wheat Grass for Chlorophyll & Plant Enzymes
    Millet & Oats are Slow Cooked to mimic herbivore prey stomach contents
    Organic Vegetable Provide Extra Vitamins, Minerals and Digestive Enzymes


Raw Advantage makes our quality raw pet foods using only organic, hormone free, chemical free and pesticide free ingredients. Our ingredients include organic turkey, chicken and beef, including ground in bone, and all organic grains, herbs and vegetables. This insures than no unwanted chemicals are being introduced in your pet's diet!
All of our meat products are fresh frozen from the farm and are handled with the same or higher level of care that would be given to food products in a plant that prepares food for human consumption. Every product is manufactured under completely sanitary conditions and kept frozen from the farm to your pet's dish.
Even though there are no government regulations dictating that this level of care need be taken in pet food manufacture. We feel that it is our responsibility to our distributors, customers and their pets that the same kind of care and standards that apply to manufacturing food for human consumption be applied to food production for our companion animals.

  • Try 100% Organic, Chicken Dinner for Dogs! Our Chicken Dinner for Dogs is made of fresh frozen organic chicken (ground including bone), organic cooked millet and oats, and organic vegetables - it's 100% organic!

If you have any questions about your pets diet - Don't hesitate to call or email Holly.

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